10 Blogging Experts Tips for Beginners

When you are looking to make your blog popular, you need to try out different things. First, are you having a blog to get more viewers or to showcase your portfolio to your clients or customers? Here are the top ways you can get more clients and viewers through your blog.


Using LinkedIn to Help You Reach Out to Clients



Use the search bar and ‘advanced search’ options


It can help to find potential clients who might be interested in using your services. In most of the cases, you might have a first or second tier connection connecting you with your potential client.

If you have a first tier connection in your contacts, give them a call and request them for an introduction. This would also be a good time to tell them why you are interested in getting in touch with the concerned client.


Use the ‘personal note’ feature


If you are trying to connect with someone new, it works. This would let them know why you are interested in connecting with them.


Use LinkedIn’s InMail to send emails to prospective clients as surveys have shown that they have a 30% higher chance of being read.


Attracting more opportunities


First, join a LinkedIn Group that matches with your area of expertise. Participating actively in such groups will increase the traffic to your profile.


Use Twitter


Use pictures


Tweet with pictures. Don’t just depend on the 140 character limit.


Be Prepared


Ensure you are well versed with the Indian legal rules when it comes to tweeting. In this world, it is very easy to get caught if you are wrong about the law or factually incorrect. You need to also keep in mind professional propriety, as lawyers are not supposed to openly advertise themselves in Indian legal market yet, particularly when discussing your court wins, previous cases and actively promoting your business through these channels.


Let your personality shine through


Make interactions fun on your Twitter page, so that more readers visit your site.


Blogging Tips


Choose your area of expertise


Are you blogging in an area where you have few competitors and where you are good in? For example, there are thousands of corporate lawyers in the country, why should one choose to read your blog? You can blog for instance on a niche subject of interest. For instance, insolvency law is the flavor of the season, and there are no reliable insolvency law blogs. If you’re a food blogger, you can write up something people would like to read like easy holiday dinner recipes


Similarly, writing on laws and deals in the defense sector can lead to an excellent legal blog for lawyers who are aiming for that sector.


Using hashtags the right way.


Using them in real-time discussions


Twitter has created a rage by allowing users to use hashtags to have discussions on important events in real-time. You can follow these discussions and respond to them. TweetChat is a free program which helps you in this. So if you have decided to tweet your post using a hashtag for a conversation related to your field of expertise, you have more chances of getting re-tweets if you use a hashtag stream which you don’t generally use in your daily conversations.


Hashtags can help you make useful searches


When you carry out the searches using the hashtag stream, you are likely to come across people who have an interest in that specific topic or the necessary and associated knowledge and skills. You can carry out searches in the search page, but since that is unfiltered, your chances of striking gold get highly diluted.


Use Tools like Buffer


Use tools like Buffer, which enables you to just post once, but get your content posted across all social media channels.


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